Jun 27, 2013

Our New Luggage and Packing Cubes Are Awesome

Remember how we bought all new luggage for our Europe trip?  Well, we are loving it!

We had a chance to use it during our recent Disneyland trip.  I packed enough for 4 days.  The kids' luggage was perfect for them and held everything with room to spare.  The only thing I didn't like was that Crumpet's suitcase didn't have any exterior pockets.

Please forgive the photos.  They were taken at midnight... in bad lighting... with my phone... while I was furiously packing so that I could get to bed.

Since I was packing for just 4 days, I planned outfits.

Gumby's Disneyland wardrobe:

Her suitcase contained:
1 pair of jammies
2 bathing suits
2 dresses
1 cardigan sweater
3 shirts
1 tank top
1 pair of shorts
1 skort
1 pair of convertible pants/capris
4 pairs of socks
5 pairs of undies
3 pairs of shoes

I packed more for her than necessary.  Her suitcase had room and weight wasn't an issue and since I couldn't decide between two dresses, I just packed them both.

Here's all that stuff in packing cubes in her suitcase.  See, room to spare!

Here is Crumpet's Disneyland wardrobe:

His suitcase contained:
1 pair of jammies
2 swim trunks
4 pairs of shorts
4 tee shirts
4 pairs of socks
5 pairs of undies
1 pair of flip flops

I was too tired to take a pic of all of his stuff in travel cubes.  Hate me.

My luggage was great: Held a ton but looked suspiciously small and compact.  I didn't use the backpack straps on that trip, only the shoulder strap.  The shoulder strap was very nice, though, and felt secure (i.e. didn't slip off my shoulder).  The internal and external straps did a great job of compacting everything.

Here's my Disneyland wardrobe:

My suitcase contained:
1 pair of jammies
2 bathing suits
3 tank tops
1 tee shirt
1 pair of shorts
1 skirt
1 pair of convertible pants/capris
1 black dress (not shown)
2 pairs of socks
4 pairs of undies
1 bra
2 pairs of shoes (not shown)
Personal hygiene stuff like facial cleanser, makeup, hair brush, flat iron, tooth brush, etc. (not shown)

Once again, I was too tired and rushed to take a pic of my packing cubes and packed suitcase.

Mars liked his luggage, too.  We brought his zip-off backpack into Disneyland every day.  It was the perfect size for carrying our water bottles and sweatshirts.

As for packing cubes, I am a little embarrassed about how much I love them.  I use them every time we travel now!  We used them on the Disneyland trip and also on a quick trip to Monterey last weekend.  They really organize everything and keep things together.  For our overnight trip to Monterey I used a small duffle bag to pack my stuff and the kids' stuff.  I stuffed all my stuff in my small blue polka dot cube, Crumpet's stuff in his small bright yellow cube, and Gümby's stuff in her small pink cube.  Then I just stacked the 3 cubes on top of each other in the duffel - done!  When it was time to get dressed in the morning, I just handed each of them their cube.  They really do make traveling easier!

I used my new tote, too, to carry my medications, all of our sweaters, snacks, and magazines.  It was a great size: large enough to carry everything I needed but didn't look like a huge duffel bag and was easy to carry.

I used my Baggalini purse every day in Disneyland.  I loved it!  Small, lightweight, and had lots of sections and pockets for keeping everything organized.

We're very satisfied with our purchases and are eager to see how well it works for a long extended vacation in Europe where we'll be moving from place to place like gypsies.

I'm going to be doing a Europe packing trial run within the next couple weeks.  Stay tuned!

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