Jun 30, 2013

London Hotels Booked

Holy mackerel, London is expensive!  Since August is prime vacation month for Europeans, it has also been tough finding vacancies.  I'm happy to say that I finally found two hotels that are reasonably priced and with good reviews.  Mind you, this was a huge feat!  The basic budget hotels were at least $250 per night.  For tiny hotel rooms and microscopic bathrooms.  Some of the reviews I was reading were a bit... concerning.  I read one review that said a hotel inserted a pre-fab bathroom like you'd find in a motor home into the room's closet and that you couldn't close the door if you sat on the toilet.

Our London trip is broken up into two different parts.  We will be staying 3 nights in one hotel, then going to Stonehenge and Bournemouth and staying with Mars' friends for 1 night, then going back to London for 3 more nights.

For our first London leg, we will be staying 3 nights at Park Grand London Hyde Park for $808.  We'll get 2 double beds and breakfast.  Air conditioned, of course.

For our second London leg, we will be staying 3 nights at Premier Inn London Angel/Islington for $505... which is the lowest price by far for a nice hotel that wasn't a complete dive.  The reason is because it's a bit out of city limits but in a supposedly trendy district called Islington.  But the hotel had rave reviews and the photos looked like it newly updated, nicely appointed, and clean with fairly large rooms.  We'll get a double bed and 2 single pull-out couches and air conditioning.

All hotels are now booked.  Phew!  I'm glad that's done.  Mars is working on intercity transport.  It's looking like a Eurail Global Pass will be our best bet.  He's also working on reserving rental car out of London.

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