Aug 27, 2013

Life Got In the Way

I've been back for a week-and-a-half and still haven't done any posts about the trip.  This is unsettling because I'm afraid I'll forget the little details.  Alas, life got in the way.

Stay tuned!

Aug 16, 2013


We're back... safe and sound and suffering pretty intense jet lag.  The trip was amazing!  I have lots to share.

I was not a fan of the miniature Bluetooth keyboard I purchased especially for the trip.  It was tough to type on and didn't have a right-side shift key (WTH?!).  Add in spotty Wi-Fi and it's no surprise that I didn't update from the road.

I kept pretty good notes, though, so I'll be back tomorrow to begin over-sharing all the little details.
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