Jan 5, 2016

Stitch Fix #6 Review

Being that I was on a very tight budget, it had been several months since I'd scheduled a Stitch Fix delivery. However, early last month the good people at Stitch Fix sent me a complimentary style plus $20 off code as incentive to schedule another Fix. There was nothing to lose! It would be a Christmas gift to myself... and it would hopefully get me out of my current fashion rut.

I scheduled my Fix to arrive on December 18th and waited impatiently. I had asked my stylist for some unusual pieces to inject some fun into my wardrobe, long-sleeved tops, and either a pencil skirt or a pair of slacks.

My stylist, Kim, delivered.

She sent a dress, a pencil skirt, a sweater, and 2 long-sleeved tops. I loved everything and agonized over what to keep. My budget said I could only keep one item but if I could have, I would have purchased 4 of the 5 items.

Kathy striped fit & flare dress

I initially didn't like the navy blue & white stripes. Horizontal stripes make busty me appear even more busty. Not good. But, in a surprising turn of events, I tried it on and loved it. The cut was flattering, the stretchy material was comfy, and the stripes were fun, just as I'd requested. The brilliant 'nipping & tucking' at the bust fortunately made me appear less busty. It had a v-back. I took photos of myself in each item and this was the piece that my boyfriend and my friends liked the most, by far.
Verdict: Keep

Brixon Ivy
Cyndi lace pencil skirt

Oh, how I loved this skirt! It was absolutely stunning. It had a dark brown leather waistband, gorgeous red lace, and fit like it was made for me. However, the color made it nearly impossible for me to think I could wear it year-round, especially to the office. Navy blue would have been perfect. I really, really wanted to keep it but passed for practical reasons. This was my 2nd favorite piece.
Verdict: Return

Presley colorblock button-back sweater

I had been wanting a button-back sweater and this was fun, asymmetrical, and bold. Love! The fit was perfect, too. I loved the olive green color but wasn't crazy about the ivory. Plus, some friends said the buttons down the back were odd, like I had put on a cardigan backwards. Still, they didn't deter me from wanting it. This sweater was my 3rd favorite piece.
Verdict: Return


Market & Spruce
Chaimbers cowl neck knit top

This top was so soft and comfortable and had a flattering fit. However, it seemed a tad short and I wasn't crazy about the gray color. I was hoping for something a little more vivid for winter. This was my 4th favorite piece.
Verdict: Return

Rietta suede trim top

Although this top fit perfectly, I was not happy that the black suede trim, located under the front button placket and under the collar, was practically invisible. I'd essentially be paying for suede I couldn't see.  I would have considered this piece had the top and the suede been different colors and, therefore, actually noticeable. Paying $58 for a plain black top was simply out of the question for me. This was the only item I didn't care to purchase.
Verdict: Return

A forced 1/5 isn't so bad. With my $20 discount, I only paid $53 for the dress. Merry Christmas to me! I have worn the dress to the office already with navy tights, brown knee boots, and a brown cardigan. I will continue to wear it with tights and boots for the remainder of the winter and then will wear with silver or yellow ballet flats and fun colorful jewelry in the spring. It's versatile and fun!

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