May 23, 2013

Trader Joe's Chia Seeds

While I was doing my weekly shopping in Trader Joe's earlier this week, I noticed small bags of chia seeds on the shelves next to the oatmeal and granola bars.  I had vague recollections of friends discussing their health benefits.  Right on the bag it said:
6g of fiber
2.9g Omega 3
Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia [Seeds]
3g protein

I always strive to include more of all the above in my diet.  Sold!  I tossed a bag in my cart.  These looked like an easy way to supplement my diet.

Back at home, I had some time to read the packaging.  Serving size is 1 Tbsp with approximately 10 servings per bag.  The bag was $4.99, i.e. 50 cents per serving.  The chia seeds varied in color between off-white and charcoal gray and about half as small as a sesame seed.

The next morning I added a spoonful of the seeds to my Greek yogurt and omega swirl.  Loved them!  Nice texture & crunch with a delicious nutty and grassy taste.  A little while later I noticed that the crushed seeds that had gotten stuck in my molars had turned gelatinous.  I know it probably doesn't sound too appealing but I quite liked it.

This morning I had an uncharacteristic super quick breakfast (peanut butter spread on banana) and just added a pinch of the seeds directly to my mouth on the way out the door in the morning rush.  Yum.

Tomorrow I'll try them in my usual breakfast smoothie.

As soon as possible I'm going to make a chia seed pudding. Yes, you read that right!  You can actually make pudding from the seeds, almond milk, natural sweetener, and any other flavorings of your choice (vanilla extract, cocoa powder, pureed fruit, fruit juice, etc.) as per the back of the package.  I'm eager to try this and will report back!

Have you tried chia seeds?  How do you like to eat them?

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