May 7, 2013

Miffed at Arcane Legends

I just spent an unreasonable amount of time fixing my son's tablet software for his beloved Arcane Legends game.  Okay, nearly 3 hours but who's counting?!

He's been unable to play his favorite game for the past week.  He's been seeking solace in the Arcane Legends game he downloaded onto my cell phone (why did I approve that?!) in the meantime.

Tonight I was hell-bent on fixing the problem. Turns out there were several issues that needed repair and I'm not even too sure how I fixed them.  What a time suck wormhole.

I was going to upload a witty post (ha!) but instead I am wiped out and headed to bed.  Crumpet is going to be one happy boy in the morning, though.

What are your kids' favorite games and what kind of device do they use?

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