Jun 27, 2014

Reusable TSA-Compliant Quart Size Pouch

My prayers have been answered!  For airline travel, we had been using TSA-approved Ziploc brand plastic bags for carrying liquids through security check but they get nasty pretty quickly. I recently had to throw away a couple.

I thought: 'Someone needs to invent a reusable zip-top travel pouch for carry-ons'. Well, someone did!

RuMe Reveal carry on pouches

I am really excited about these.

2 pouches per package for $9.99 at Target.  There were two colors of zippers/pull-tabs: black and navy blue. I bought one of each color so that all four of us can have one.  The nylon pouch is white but fairly translucent so you can still see what's inside. Water-resistant. Machine washable. TSA compliant.

Now I can throw out the rest of our nasty Ziploc pouches.  I'm happy!  We're going to Yellowstone National Park in August and will definitely be using these.

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