Jun 15, 2014

Stitch Fix #1 Review

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  It's a personalized online shopping service.  When you sign up, you answer detailed questions about your style preferences, set your budget, and input any special shopping requests (need work clothes or a dress to wear to a wedding? Just let them know), and then your personal stylist will send you a box containing five hand-picked items.

You pay a $20 stylist fee when you schedule your fix.  If you decide to purchase any of the items, though, the $20 stylist fee is deducted from your total cost.  However, if you decide to purchase all five of the items, you get 25% off the entire purchase in addition to the $20 discount.

Shipping and returns are free.

I first heard about Stitch Fix a couple months ago from a friend. It sounded right up my alley! When I signed up, I immediately scheduled my first shipment but, due to its popularity, there was a six week waiting list.  I anxiously awaited my first "fix".

It arrived yesterday!  I was so excited to see what my stylist chose for me.

Pretty packaging

My stylist, Stephanie, included an invoice of items plus a personalized note briefly explaining each item.  Also included were helpful photos of each item styled two different ways.

My shipment included a scarf, three tops, and a pair of colored skinny jeans.

Moni Pastel Leopard Print Scarf
I really loved the print of this scarf but it was huge!  There was too much fabric hanging on the front of my body when worn the way they recommended... not a good look for someone as busty as I am. Plus, the shape was wrong.  I prefer elongated rectangular scarfs rather than square-ish.
Verdict: Return

Collective Concepts
Cathleen Split-Neck Tulip-Sleeve Blouse
I wasn't sure what to think of the bright spearmint color when I first saw it.  It's not a color I normally wear. I also wasn't sure what to think of the fabric: silky polyester blend.  I typically equate that fabric with office wear so I was surprised that one of the suggested outfits paired it with jeans and sandals... but, I liked it!  When I tried it on, though, I was a bit disappointed. It looked boxy on me.  Probably a tad too short. I wanted to love it, though, so I took a pic to get feedback from friends and, yep, they all agreed it was too boxy.  Dammit.
Verdict: Return

Market and Spruce
Corinna Striped Heathered Dolman Top
I was excited about this top as soon as I saw it. The color, stripes, dolman sleeves, and that it's a lightweight sweater that can be worn here year-round were all big pluses. I tried it on and hated it. Dolmans are cut so that the body is wide but, because there was no band at the bottom, the sweater just hung on me and looked tent-like. I was crushed. I got Mars' opinion (he said, "it's promising"), slept on it, and tried it on 3 or 4 more times today.  In a shocking turn of events, I decided to keep it. It looks awesome as long as I make sure to keep it slightly slouchy and bunchy. I'll pair it with black pencil slacks, heels, and a bright statement necklace or bright corduroy ankle pants and flats.
Verdict: Keep

Filbert Abstract Striped Henley Blouse
At first, I loved the bold print but, as I unpacked it, I realized it was too much.  Too stark and too loud. Plus, I was not digging the material - it reminded me of taffeta.  Enough said.  And when I tried it on, there was just too much material billowing out around me.  I like my tops more fitted.
Verdict: Return

Just Black
Adora Ankle Length Colored Skinny Jean
I had mixed emotions about seeing a pair of skinny jeans in my box.  I currently do not own a pair. Yes, I know. *GASP*  But hey, I was a teenager in the 1980s and didn't want to live that again, okay? However, since they were here in my house and they looked tiny, I mainly just wanted to see if I could get them on over my ample booty.  And I did.  Huge shocker.  The most shocking thing? I immediately loved them.  They fit well!  Perfect length, too. I'm not crazy about the color - I wish they were brighter and a different color entirely - but they are a neutral so I should be able to wear them with almost anything in my closet.  I will admit that the color is a bit odd.  The invoice calls them 'light blue' but the tag on the jeans says 'Cloudy Sky'. I initially thought they were gray but they look blue against the gray top.  They are not exactly light blue, though. I'm going to go with gray-ish blue.  You be the judge (see photo below).
Verdict: Keep

Stephanie had written in her personal note that she thought the jeans, green top, and scarf would go great together. They do, just not on me.

When I send in my feedback for this shipment, I'm going to let Stephanie know that I prefer natural materials/fabric and that I prefer more fitted tops.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my experience and will be definitely be scheduling another fix in the future, probably in August or September. Of course, I will share the details here when I do. Stay tuned! The exciting thing about this service is that the stylist gets better and better at recommending items as he/she gets to know you.  I might even go out on a limb and request a dress next time.

If you'd like to try this service, sign up here at Stitch Fix.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

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  1. I got that same Dolman top during my second fix and had to try it on several times too before deciding to keep it. I love the feel of it and am excited to have it in my collection.

  2. Yes, it is so comfy! I have worn it 3 times since getting it 2 weeks ago. I love it!


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